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Audition Schedule

Every pupil will be in the show. Everyone will take part in the 'Main Cast' and will also sing in the choir. Everyone can choose to audition for a principal role if they wish. Auditions will be on the following dates:

Friday 19th January - TT Friday

Saturday 20th January - TT Chester

Saturday 27th January - TT Wrexham

Saturday 3rd February - TT Mold

Choose which role you would like to audition for and prepare the following songs for your audition. Remember that you will not only need to sing it well but you will need to perform it too.


Lyrics and backing tracks can be found HERE to help you to prepare.

Joseph - Close Every Door

Narrator - Pharaoh Story

Pharaoh - Song of the King

Simeon - Those Canaan Days

Judah - Benjamin Calypso

Baker - Go, Go, Go Joseph (Baker's section)

Butler - Go, Go, Go Joseph (Butler's section)

Brothers - Choose  Those Canaan Days or Benjamin Calypso

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