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Here are the audition pieces for the named characters.

You should learn the script and song (where applicable) for any roles that you'd like to audition for.

List of audition songs can be found HERE

Backing tracks can be found HERE

Full Script can be downloaded HERE

Healy, Warbucks

Grace, Hannigan, Annie

Rooster, Lily, Warbucks

Warbucks, Grace, Annie, Drake

Apple Seller, Dog Catcher, Annie, Sandy

Warbucks, Annie, Grace

Bundles, Hannigan, Tessie, Molly, Orphans

Rooster, Hannigan, Lily

Molly, Pepper, Duffy, July, Annie, Tessie

Rooster, Lily, Warbucks, Grace, Roosevelt, Howe, Hannigan, Orphans

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