The cost for Minis and Tinies is only £30 per week with a reduction to £25 for a sibling or for a booking on to the second week

What's available for the younger children...?

Whilst older children will love the experience of

spending a whole week creating a production

our younger pupils may find that too much. This

year we are continuing with our shorter sessions

for three to five year olds.


Tasks in storytelling, song, movement and

creativity are integrated into fast moving and

busy sessions. It will often take the form of the

teacher telling a story and using pupils to help

them tell it through drama, dance and singing. At this level the familiar and known

songs are used.  Dance steps are very simple and giving opportunity to explore their imagination is a key learning area. As well as enjoying their regular theatre games, pupils will learn a song and dance to perform alongside the older children in Friday afternoon's performance.


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